YOGALATES |  Yoga + Pilates

A mix of mostly Pilates mat exercises, with short flows to increase flexibility, ending with a mindful relaxation.

Great for building core strength. Low impact exercises, suitable for beginners.

Bring a mat, blocks (if you have them) water and a blanket/something warm for śavāsana.

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Joseph Pilates believed that the core was the place that energy and movement came from and was controlled from so the core is the main focus of pilates exercises.

In Yogalates we work through Pilates mat exercises designed to strengthen the core while also working the whole body (especially legs, bums and arms) intertwined with flows to stretch and increase flexibility. Ending with mindfulness relaxation.

Classes are suitable for beginners with a friendly and fun atmosphere.

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3 main principles of Pilates – breath, whole-body health and whole-body commitment.


Active conscious breathing is integral to optimal health. It provides oxygen to tissues, eliminates waste and increases stamina. Cleansing & invigorating body mind & spirit.

Whole-body health

Striving for the complete balance of body mind & spirit throughout the day. Balanced is achieved through nutrition, physical fitness, work-life balance, time outside, good sleep, good hygiene & healthy habits.

whole body commitment

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things” – J PIlates. When we commit fully to something we push ourselves out towards our own limitations and sometimes beyond.

8 principles of pilates 

Most important is HOW the exercises are performed not how many reps or the speed of the movements!

  1. Concentration – helps develop mind-body connection
  2. Centring – the central areas of the body from lower ribs down considered the powerhouse – all movements controlled from here.
  3. Breathing – Correct breathing fuels the powerhouse and provides stability to the spine – breath connects ALL principles.
  4. Control – each move completed with utter muscular control
  5. Precision – all exercises are really precise this is what makes it different to other forms of exercise.
  6. Alignment – proper breathing and movement to ensure all areas aligned
  7. Flow – pilates movements connect all body parts in a flowing manner.
  8. Routine – regular practise  is important